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Airbnb flat rental management A to Z

Are you interested in our services? What you can expect from the first contact until the arrival of your first guests

 First contact

Clients usually contact us by phone. First what we want to know about the apartment is the location, which is most important. If the apartment is in the centre of Prague, we ask for photos, because the second important criterion is the interior design. Here are two options:

  1. The apartment is nicely furnished and no need for redesign
  2. The interior design needs to be changed to meet Seven Keys standards

In the case of the second option, Seven Keys offers the interior design services. Our designers can do miracles. Even with a limited budget, they can turn the unattractive dark apartment into a place that attracts tourists. If the apartment owner does not agree with the apartment modifications, we cannot take such property under our management. In most cases, we convince potential clients with numbers. We have data proving that a nicely furnished apartment is performing 40-60 % better.

Short-term vs. long-term income and profit from long term rentals on Airbnb

Calculation of income and costs

For our clients, we prepare a calculation of income and costs that they can expect from short term rentals. We only manage the apartments that we are sure they will have success on the market.

Long-term vs. short-term rental income and profit comparison

Interior design

When visiting the apartment, in addition to the design consultation, we inform the client about things that should not be missing in the apartment: working wifi, basic kitchen equipment (electric appliances, utensils, etc.), iron and ironing board (people often go to business trips and need to iron their clothes), four sets of bed linen and a lockable storage space for bed linen and towels (a cupboard, a box, or a plastic box with a lock). We also recommend installing a CO detector in flats with a gas boiler.

After signing the contract, we take pictures by a professional photographer, create a profile on Airbnb, design a price strategy for the whole year, taking into account the season, important holidays and events when the demand is high, so we can increase prices. We also modify prices during the year to ensure that our clients receive the highest possible income.

Legal duties

Before the start of short-term rentals, we will arrange everything necessary regarding the legal duties such as registration of the owner at the city office for paying the tourist taxes and we also register the apartment to the Foreign Police. We give the client access passwords to our intranet, where he can keep track of the increasing number of reservations and amounts to receive by guests. Our clients can book their apartment for his own use through this intranet.

Your apartment, our concern

Once everything is ready, we can start renting the apartment. First guests can be expected literally right away. Then everything is on Seven Keys. The owner does not have to worry about anything at all. Seven Keys communicates with guests, provides keys hand over, 24 service (slammed keys, power failure, etc.), cleaning, bed linens, product replenishment, minor repairs, guest book keeping, tourist reports to Foreign Police.

The owner of the apartment receives money within 5 days each after every check-in of guests. Many of our clients live abroad and spend only a few weeks in Prague in Prague. We will take care of such things as chimney check-ups, gas or boiler service, communication with building community, etc.


Let Seven Keys to manage your apartment and make money without worries. With us you are can be sure of the highest possible income and absolutely professional service.


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